The first Cinehill at Petehovac is officially open!


After the conclusion of the Motovun edition of the festival, amid thunderous applause and cheers, the first Cinehill at Petehovac was inaugurated.

Video by Kristina Macuka & Sanja Pađen

Despite today’s rain, the packed Francis Ford Kupola cinema was in high spirits, with many searching for an extra seat. The excitement was not just among the people; the festival’s beloved canine Marta also showed her enthusiasm and unofficially opened the event – because Cinehill is a festival where everyone is welcome. “This is Cinehill, my dear friends! Our new attempt on this new film hill to create a festival that you will all love,” commented Igor Mirković, the festival director.

The main program selector, Milena Zajović, announced good weather and invited people to join the rich program, which includes a hill of excellent films, as well as a series of interesting workshops, nature walks, and educational and entertaining events everyone will enjoy.

Then, Igor Mirković called the main program selectors Inja Korać and Jurica Pavičić to the stage where they were joined by the new creative director Nevio Marasović, the person behind the fairy-like festival scenery – Bojan Drezgić, and producers Nina Petrović, Ivan Rajković, and Ivana Brajdić.

The series of thanks continued with the institutions that made the festival possible, including the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, represented by Deputy Director Maja Vukić, as well as the Kvarner Tourist Board, which provided the festival with significant support, and the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County

The audience applauded the Deranja family from Lučice, who contributed so much to the festival through their work that the festival camp was named after them. “The family with golden hands, the key to solving all our problems,” said Igor Mirković.

The director of the Kvarner Tourist Board, Irena Peršić Živadinov, addressed the audience, saying, “My heart is full. For years, we have been following the Motovun Film Festival, and in a way, we have been hoping for such major events to come to the Kvarner region because that’s what attracts guests to the destination” and once again extended a warm welcome to all those present.

After Marta’s spontaneous appearance, the festival was officially opened by the Deputy County Prefect of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Petar Mamula, who stated, “This is indeed a significant event for Gorski kotar, as Director of the Kvarner Tourist Board, Irena Peršić Živadinov, mentioned. It motivates people to come to this yet undiscovered gem of our county.” He expressed his gratitude to the festival team for choosing “this greenest heart of Croatia, Gorski kotar, to continue their story.”

The festival’s film program commenced with the first screening of the movie “Dry”, which was introduced by selector Jurica Pavičić, who jokingly remarked, “I know that with today’s weather, drought doesn’t seem like the primary issue. But this is a film that deals with both drought and global warming – which is indeed a problem.” Directed by Paolo Virzì, this is his third film at the festival, and “Dry” is an apocalyptic eco-drama that follows the citizens of Rome during a three-year drought that completely changed their way of life in the city.

Alongside “Dry,” the festival program is teeming with a diverse range of titles, and you can watch them until July 29th at Petehovac when this inaugural adventurous edition officially concludes.

The Cinehill Motovun Film Festival is taking place this year with the support of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Kvarner Tourist Board, and the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

Tickets are available for both locations, and more detailed information can be found on the festival’s website or in our informative publications.

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