About the Festival

Cinehill is a festival with a soul!

Welcome to the hill of films and the movie magic nestled in the forest greenery of mountainous Croatia. Wishing to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for everyone looking to expand their cinematic horizons, we screen our films far away from urban cultural centres, deep in the heart of nature. When you stand on the hilltop, you can see more clearly the vast expanse of the cinematic world. That is why we’ve dubbed our new hill of films – Cinehill.

It is primarily dedicated to the films from small cinematographies and independent productions; films that excel with their innovative approach, ideas and intense stories; films that have a hard time fighting their way to theaters and wide audiences under the conditions of an unequal market competition.

The idea behind our film program is to reflect diversity – esthetical, thematic, geographical… As many films from as many countries as possible, in order to show that the world of film is much wider and more colorful than it often seems.

With its selection of films and guests of honor, the festival celebrates the authors sticking to their artistic stubbornness, unconventionality and originality at all costs. With films and direct communication between filmmakers and film lovers we want to create a cozy spot for those who enjoy the magic of cinema.

Cinehill is a carefree festival but it is also a festival that cares about the world it is in. This is why the side programs that promote unquestionable social values and tackle controversies are a constant component of the festival.

Cinehill wants to be a small festival – in everything except in its ambitions and quality. We don’t want to grow and overtake others. We want to be a place where weary cinematic riders can rest their souls and where their films are shown to benevolent audiences on a beautiful spot under a mild summer night sky.

The festival celebrated its twenty fifth birthday by embarking on a new adventure, moving its location to Gorski kotar, the most beautiful mountainous region in Croatia. We want our festival to be a special cinematic experience, embedded in its extraordinary surroundings, far from the everyday life, so that in those few days we may immerse ourselves in a better world.