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The campsite you’re going to be staying at is free and intended for the festival visitors.

The campsite you’re going to be staying at is free and intended for the festival visitors. It is equipped with showers and toilets and the number of places is not limited. No is therefore required. You need your ID or passport to.

These are the basic camping rules. Kindly abide by them.


Campers must pay tax in the amount of 8 HRK per day (this is residential tax applicable to every camping site in the country). The tax is paid per person, not per tent. In order to avoid keeping your IDs, which is the only way of knowing for sure how long you are staying, it will be assumed that all campers are staying until the end of the festival. The tax is therefore calculated on the basis of this assumption. For instance, if you register on Wednesday, you will pay 60 kuna regardless of whether you leave on Friday or Sunday.

In addition to registering at the camp, it is mandatory to buy at least one cinema ticket per day of stay. We have introduced this in order to underline that the campsite is primarily intended for the visitors of the festival programs and to give film lovers priority over chance.

Tickets can be collected at the Box Office or at Camp Reception. There is no refund for the tickets that have not been collected.

If you have festival accreditation or if you have bought one of our ticket sets in Advanced sale, you are not obliged to buy mandatory tickets. You simply go to the camp reception, where you have to present your accreditation or your purchase confirmation.

Ukupan iznos kamperskih bonova i boravišne pristojbe ovisi o danu dolaska:

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Arriving on time is a great way to avoid getting jammed. Please, try to prepare the exact amount for your camp costs. It will make the process easier.

All unregistered campers risk being fined by tourist inspection.

Feel free to contact us:

Look for the festival bus information HERE!

Eco-campsite – Frequently Asked Questions:

We started with a couple of army tents. And a camper. Today, it is a tent city of a sort, with numerous tents stretching at the foot of our Film Hill. The campsite is intended for festival visitors and enables them to buy tickets at substantial discount via our voucher system.

While we are doing our best to make our campsite guests feel as best as possible ECO-CAMPING is not really a true campsite: it is operational six days a year and its infrastructure is of temporary nature. Still, you will find here most of the essential things for spending five hot days of late July.

The festival organizers assume no responsibility for any accident or injury arising from personal negligence of campsite guests. If violation of the campsite rules has been established, the organizers retain the right to terminate the violator’s accommodation at the campsite.

Motovuni Eco-campsite is located at the foot of Motovun Hill, in the area locally known as “Sajmište”. The entrance and reception desk are located right next to Motovun’s only gas station. A bus takes you the top of the hill. you can also take stairs – the longest staircase in Istria with as many as 1,052 stairs.

The campsite opens one day before the festival, on 26 July. It is open until 2 August. There is a statutory visitor’s tax of HRK 10.00 per day, outside the festival’s jurisdiction. The proceeds from the visitor’s tax are allocated to Motovun Tourist Board.

You must register personally at the reception desk at the entrance, where our volunteers work. The registration procedure is very simple: you have to produce some ID (an ID card or a passport), pay the visitor’s tax (HRK 7.00 per day) and – this is obligatory – purchase a set of tickets (the number of tickets in the set depends on the day in which you apply at the reception desk).

It is PERSONS that register, not tents, the reason being the fact that the campsite has not been officially divided into lots, so charging every tent/lot would be complicated. When registering, consult the personnel whether your tent has been pitched within the campsite limits. If you have pitched it too deep in the woods, you will be recommended to chose a better lot. Camping outside the campsite limits makes you liable to severe fines that may be charged on you by the inspection.

First of all, the laws of the Republic of Croatia require you to have some ID with you, particularly if you are outside your place of residence. However, if you happen not to have them with you, you can register by producing some other document with your photo (like driver’s license). However, you must be able to tell us your ID/passport number (if you left it at home or some place else, you can call there to find it out). Please be noted that, if police ask you for your papers, they will not be as friendly as we are and will fine you for not having your ID with you.

You risk severe fines charged upon you by the inspection. You are legally obliged to register. Unregistered visitors will be liable to substantial fines for violation of the rules and will be requested to leave the campsite. In addition to our volunteers, there are security staff at the campsite who are in charge of keeping order, which includes ousting of unregistered guests. The unregistered guests cannot count on any assistance of the campsite staff in case of any emergencies.

You are obliged to pay gthe visitor’s tax, legally prescribed by the government, which is HRK 7.00 per person per day and is charged as of Sundsay. You are obliged to pay it until Friday (the final day of the festival) because there is no system of checking out in place, just checking in (in other words, we cannot know the exact day of your departure). You also pay for a set of vouchers that you will exchange for tickets at the festival box office (the price of the voucher declines over time; on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday it costs HRK 120.00, on Wednesday HRK 100.00, on Thursday HRK 80.00 and on Friday HRK 60.00). Registering in the campsite and purchasing the vouchers entitles you for a substantial discount and contributes to the festival’s efforts to organize yet another edition the following year.

The camping vouchers can be exchanged at the festival box office.

As there is no refund, we recommend that you exchange your vouchers on our Film Hill on time.

No. Lots cannot be booked in advance. But have no fear, the campsite is big enough for all. Although, as history teaches us, those who come first get to enjoy the best lots in the shade.

At the campsite. 🙂 While it is not fenced, its limits are distinctly visible. If you camp outside the limits, you risk severe fines by the inspection. Also, please be noted that, according to Croatian laws, sleeping in one’s vehicle is not allowed. The same inspection controls this, too.

If you are not certain about some lot, consult the campsite staff before pitching your tent there. We assume no liability for possible fines. Camping on the small hill right under the gas station or on the other side of the creek is not allowed. For all other areas, feel free to consult our volunteers – prior to pitching the tent, of course.

If you pitch your tent outside the campsite limits and if are spotted by the campsite staff and security personnel, you will be requested to move within the limits. If you do not know where to move to, consult them. If you refuse to follow their instructions, the campsite staff will be forced to call the campsite security.

Please be reminded that it is the inspection who charges fines for camping outside the campsite limits; Motovun Film Festival assumes no liability for these fines.

Yes, the inspection DOES control the campsite and fines those who fail to follow the regulations. They control not only the campsite guests, but also us, the organizers – if our records are all right. There were dozens of fined campsite guests in the past years. We therefore recommend that you pitch your tents within the campsite limits and register yourself (not your tent) at the entrance. 

When registering, every guest gets a wristband that entitles him/her to some rights. Those with the wristbands can enjoy undisturbed accommodation at the campsite, while those without them risk fines and/or ousting from the campsite.

The wristband must be produced when exchanging the campsite vouchers for tickets, as a proof that the guest has been registered and that he or she is entitled to the discount realized by purchasing the vouchers.

Make sure that it doesn’t happen. But if it does, keep the old wristband and take it to the reception desk, where you will be issued a new one.

Yes, animals are allowed at the campsite. There is no visitor’s tax for them, but remember that they are your responsibility. Make sure to ask your neighbors if they mind their presence. If they do, kindly find some other lot at the campsite.

You can ask our duty campsite staff to charge it at the reception desk. They will refuse only if there are no available sockets at that moment (Yes, this happens. It is helpful if you have your extension cord; don’t worry, you will get it back together with your cell phone). MFF assumes no liability for any loss of or damage to cell phones being charged. So it is your own responsibility. 

MFF assumes no liability for any lost or damaged objects. There is a lost-and-found department at the reception desk where you can bring an object you have found or inquire about your own lost things.

Yes. The water available to the campsite guests is the same one used by all the Motovun locals for the rest of the year where there is no campsite. So, it’s good for drinking.

There are chemical toilets at the campsite and they are cleaned daily. In the morning they smell like lavender. In the afternoon they don’t.

As in all other campsites, you are not allowed to build fire. You are not allowed to disturb your neighbors or the campsite staff. You are not allowed to destroy the campsite property or the other campsite guests’ property. Bringing inflammable fuels, pyrotechnics or explosive devices etc. to the campsite is strictly forbidden. You are not to violate the laws of the Republic of Croatia.

You should talk to the duty campsite staff who have all the information and all the contact numbers. Kindly follow their instructions for they are responsible for the entire Eco-Campsite.

Inform the campsite staff immediately. They will know how to react in individual situations and they also have a direct contact with fire department / police / ambulance service.

The pharmacy is right across the first barrier / bus stop. The working hours of the pharmacy can be seen at the registration and information stand. The numbers of ambulance service and duty doctors can also be found there.

Still, we recommend that you bring with you all the medicines or preparations  that you need or might need during your stay at the campsite. Bring a sun-tan lotion would also be wise.

No, but there are shops in the vicinity. Besides the gas station at the campsite entrance, there are two shops and cafe bar and an ATM machine in the vicinity. And a butcher’s shop, if we are not mistaken.

It is a 3-hour drive from Zagreb. The closest airports are in Pula, Trieste, Venice and Ljubljana, all of them two hours by car. The closest railway station is in Pazin (25km away), with regular trains to Zagreb, Ljubljana and Trieste.

By taking a bus or by climbing 1,054 stairs.