Mountain of Films at Mountain of Books: 150 Years of Mountaineering in Croatia


This weekend, at the friendly Festival of Books and Mountains, the Mountain of Books (Brdo knjiga), which took place in Samobor 16 to 19 May, we presented the first Cinehill edition taking place entirely in Gorski Kotar and this year combining films, books and hiking.

Breaking out of the mould, cooperation and conquering new heights are at the core of Cinehill and its mountain-loving spirit. Therefore, as we celebrate 150 years of mountaineering in Croatia, Cinehill once again expanded its horizons and climbed to the Mountain of Books, where it presented its first fully mountain-bound edition, in the company of experienced mountaineers and literary enthusiasts.

In the company of legendary TV quiz show laureate Morana Zibar and Cinehill main program selector Milena Zajović, visitors to the Brdo knjiga festival had the opportunity to participate in a quiz and test their knowledge about the festival, film and books. And they were among the first to learn more about what awaits us this summer at the ‘Mountain of Films’ in Gorski Kotar.

They say that film is one of the most comprehensive art forms since it contains within itself all the other arts. Opening up towards other art forms is at the heart of this festival edition: “This year we’re preparing more cinemas, more programs, more films, more workshops, and more concerts”, announced Milena Zajović presenting a new Cinehill program dedicated to books and mountaineering.

Thus, alongside numerous film guests, the festival audience will have the opportunity to meet some of the best writers from the region presenting their latest books, but also offering up their own reading recommendations, which you are sure to enjoy at the beach this summer.

A special guest of the festival – Stipe Božić – will confirm that film, mountaineering and literature are natural allies. Everyone’s favorite alpinist, travel writer and film director will present three films about his three greatest expeditions at Cinehill, while the screenings will be accompanied by interesting lectures. One of the screenings will take place in the magical forest park Golubinjak, a popular destination for Croatian climbers and sports enthusiasts.

Celebrating 150 years of mountaineering tradition in Croatia, the festival is preparing special discounts for all the members of mountaineering societies, as well as special tours led by  the Croatian Mountaineering Society Petehovac. Milena Zajović highlighted that the tours are open to everyone, and visitors will be able to choose between high-intensity tours intended for keen mountaineers to less demanding trails for curious novices so that “everyone who wishes can get to know the hiking trails around our festival”.

This year, the festival takes place from 24 – 28 July, supported by the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, the Tourist Boards of Kvarner and Gorski Kotar, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and the City of Delnice.

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