You always remember your first: on festival day zero we’re treating you to a free screening of Run, Lola, Run lap of honour

This year Lola runs a lap of honour! On the eve of the festival, 21 July, at 21:15, we’ll mark the start of the jubilee edition with a free screening of German director Tom Tykwer’s cult flick Run, Lola, Run.

The six reels of that particular film were the first celluloid reels that arrived in 1999 in the basement office of the then emerging festival. Back then, the films weighed about thirty kilos and were transported by plane from all across the world – and Lola was the first to arrive. The film was a big hit that year. Amidst the irresistible combination of thriller, techno, animation, chaos theory, and the flaming red hair of the emerging star Franka Potente, the Motovun screen found its magic. A quarter of a century later, Lola is back.

This tense thriller centres on a young woman who has twenty minutes to come up with 100,000 Deutschmark to save her boyfriend’s life. In playful Rashomon fashion, Lola runs through the streets of Berlin in three similar stories in which tiny coincidences lead to drastically different outcomes.

Claim the best spot at the campsite and immerse yourself in the festival from the very first moment. Come to the warm-up party, join us at the Motovun Hill of Films on day zero, and together with Lola we’ll cross the 25th finish line. See you in Motovun!


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