This summer get your hiking boots and sweaters ready: Motovun Film Festival arrives atop another mountain!


The festival kicks off at Motovunu (22 – 24 July) and continues in Gorski Kotar (26 – 29 July). The amazing film and side program runs for seven festival days, now called CINEHILL

From the Hill of Films onto new heights! This summer, the Motovun Film Festival celebrates its fabulous 25th anniversary and brings its current format to a close – by adding a brand-new location to its roster, the festival will embark on a new beginning and new challenges. The bar is set even higher this year, which is why all the cinephiles should plan to conquer two summits: from 277 metres above sea level, Motovun will climb even higher, to a whopping 1035-metre new location in Gorski Kotar.

“Twenty-five years is a long time, so we’ve come to the conclusion that it is time for a new concept and a new cinematic adventure. Motovun Film Festival will never be the same, which is why we have given it a new name. If Motovun was nicknamed the Hill of Films, the two hills we will conquer this year will be called CINEHILL”, says Motovun Film Festival Director Igor Mirković.

The film celebration kicks off on 22 July at Motovun, with a three-day marathon of amazing films and entertainment until dawn, and the celebration of the 25 magical summers spent at the Motovun Film Hill. After a one-day break and re-packing of suitcases, the new film adventure begins in the mountains. In the rugged region of Gorski Kotar, from 26 to 29 July, the visitors will be greeted by a hillside campsite, days filled with mountain walks, yoga, workshops, music, and, of course – excellent films.

“The programming mission of the Motovun Film Festival remains unchanged: a program comprised of small, hidden film gems and stories from different corners of the world, so that the view cast the hill of films may broaden our horizons. Our cinematic encounter takes place in a gorgeous setting: since this is our 25th jubilee edition, instead of the one traditional place, we’re taking you to two magical locations! We’re still steering clear of red carpets, inviting you to a film celebration free of strict protocols and clad in shorts and hiking boots”, highlights Igor Mirković.

Along with excellent films, which the selectors have been hand-picking throughout the year, there will be music, artist presentations, exhibitions and other cool events. The Motovun edition will aptly mark the end of a chapter – we will reunite with friends of the festival and revisit some of the fondest Motovun FF moments, while the new location offers a new concept, setting and film magic. The details about this new location as well as this year’s festival will be revealed in one week, while everyone used to the festival being a stone’s throw from the beach should also start getting ready for an unforgettable experience of cinematic insights in an ambiance of lush greenery, recreation, and our trademark parties until dawn.

As every summer, the festival’s programs will try to reach as wide audience as possible by visiting various towns around Croatia. This travelling showcase with programs for children and adults will start in Petrinja, 6 – 8 July, in an attempt to enrich the cultural offer of earthquake-stricken areas. The film festival and the program in Petrinja is organized in cooperation with the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, the Tourist Boards of the Kvarner Region, Gorski Kotar and Petrinja, the Istrian County and the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

Photo: Snježana Šimunović

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