The exciting Day Three of MFF only for the bravest!

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Day Three begins with a set of Motovun Shorts in Cinema Bauer at 10:30. The never better competitions shorts program continues in Cinema Mak at 18:30. The winner in this category gets to compete for European Film Awards.

Campus Motovun program moves into Cinema Mak at 11:00. The students of the Sarajevo Academy of Performing Arts and New York University Abu Dhabi will present their short films there.

What it looks like when a resolute and hot-blooded mother decides to release her son from Guantanamo prison you can find out in Cinema Bauer at 12:00. Rabiye Kurnaz Vs. George W. Bush won Silver Bears for Best Script and Best Lead Actress in Berlin.

At high noon, on Hotel Kaštel Terrace, we will experience fika, a traditional coffee or tea ritual popular in our partner country Sweden. Ranko Mitić Mito, the acclaimed assistant camera, focus puller and director of photography, our 50 Years Award laureate, will join us for the occasion. It is not only his experience that makes Ranko Mitić an ideal choice for conversation at Fika at noon, but also his joyful character and delicate sense of humor.

A remastered copy of National Class Category Up to 785ccm will be screened to honor the filmmaker whose films were so often showed before packed audiences, criticizing social reality while still achieving wide popularity. The film by Goran Marković screens in Cinema Bauer at 14:00.

As part of this year’s Swedish program, the 1968 feminist comedy of absurd Girls will be shown in Cinema Mak at 14:30. It follows three actresses on a tour with a theater company. Eat, Sleep, Die, a recent Swedish film about a Swedish factory worker from the Balkans who ends up confronted with Swedish society after losing her job, screens in Cinema Bauer at 16:00.

Mo Harawe, an Austrian-Somali filmmaker and a member of Motovun Shorts jury this year, is an intriguing author whose two films will screen in Cinema Mak as part of Austrian Shorts program at 16:30.

As for the main competition program, today we are going to see Holy Spirit, a film by award-winning filmmaker Chema Garcia Ibarra. this story about (alien) abductions, beautifully shot on 16mm film, screens in Cinema Bauer at 18:00. It will accompanied by the short film The Boy by Croatian director Hrvoje Babić, as part of Motovun Shorts program.

Holy Spider, a thrilling story about the hunt on a serial killer, with Best Actress from Cannes under its belt, screens at Cinema Trg at 21:00. The screening will be preceded by the award-presentation ceremony where our laureate, great Goran Marković, will receive his Motovun Maverick Award.

Lana Barić’s directorial debut Snow White, competing in the short film program, and Arsen Oremović’s feature film The Head of a Big Fish with Lana Barić as the lead actress (she won a Golden Arena for the role) will be shown in Cinema Billy at 21:15, under the starry sky. The film Rodeo also competes in our main competition program. In it, young Julia and her motorcycle gang will make the adrenaline flowing to all those who dare watch the film in Cinema Trg at 23:30.

At the same time, before midnight, MFF visitors will be able to experience a night of horror in the safe embrace of Cinema Billy. The screening of The Witch, the iconic Swedish silent-era film that celebrates its centennial this year will be accompanied by the live music of Alen and Nenad Sinkauz, who wrote the original music to be performed while you watch the Gothic world of demons.

After the screenings, Miriiam, this year’s winner of Rock&Off Big Bang Award, will add the cherry to the top of the already rolling festival.

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