Rano Mitić Mito receives 50 Years Award with lots of laughter and applause of the thrilled audience

50 Years Award_Mitić Mito

“Since its very beginnings, Motovun Film Festival traditionally gives its 50 Years Award,” said festival director to the entertained Motovun audience tonight in Cinema Trg, announcing this year’s laureate of the award – the top focus puller, assistant camera and occasional director of photography Ranko Mitić Mito. It is an award that celebrates film workers who have spent half a century in the film industry.

The award ceremony was preceded by e great Croatian documentary made exactly 50 years ago. “Motovun Film Festival is a small village performance in a way. This is also the title of this classic documentary – A Little Village Performance,” said Igor Mirković announcing the film by Krsto Papić, on which Mito worked. Mito contributed his skills and expertise to a number of Papić’s films, including this gem of Croatian short cinema.

The screening of this classic made the relaxed audience laugh and empathize with the protagonists.

“It is the directors, actors and screenwriters that usually get all the limelight on film, but there are hundreds of people who also make this film magic happen,” said Mirković after the screening and invited Danilo Šerbedžija to join him in presenting the award to one of the most demanded and interesting Croatian film professionals. Noting that Mito’s first professional engagement was Branko Ivanda’s Gravity, in which Danilo’s father, actor Rade Šerbedžija, also appears, Danilo invited Ranko Mitić to the stage.

Receiving the award, Mito expressed his gratitude to the festival “for awarding the people behind the camera too, which rarely happens.” He then talked about film profession and thanked all those who helped him enter the world of film and thus find his great professional love – the most important in his life. He joked about the questions about retirement that he often gets. He made witty remarks about film students having to carry the camera first and then him to the camera. To the thrilled audience he also said he is often asked by students if he ever worked with the Lumière brothers.

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