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Croatian documentary film The Factories to the Workers by Srđan Kovačević, that premiered in Sheffield in June, was also included in the main program.

Can a factory managed by its workers survive on the outskirts of capitalism or do we need a more spacious dream? That was the question made by Srđan Kovačević, the screenwriter, director and cinematographer of the Croatian documentary film The Factories to the Workers, the final addition to this year’s main program. Over a period of five years, Kovačević followed the workers who had occupied ITAS factory in Ivanec in 2005. Ever since they had functioned as a collective and the only successful example of workers’ occupation in the post-socialist Europe. Today, while new models of collective ownership are being tested, the microcosmos of the factory faces the forces of the global market, which results in dwindling wages and growing dissatisfaction of the workers.

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“My original intention was to show the factory as a good example and share its experience, hoping that such efforts can pave way to a more just economy. But my daily presence among the workers made me realize that the story is much more complex. The workers are torn apart between their loyalty to the concept of self-management and the need of higher wages that ITAS cannot provide,” said director Kovačević. The film was produced by Fade In and premiered at Sheffield Documentary Film Festival.

As of today, individual advance tickets for this and other films in the program can be bought at discount. The tickets will be on sale until the beginning of the festival or while stocks last. Please keep in mind that the theater capacities will be reduced as part of anti-Covid-19 measures, so you are advised to purchase your tickets as early as possible.

Tickets can be bought here.

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