14th Motovun Film Festival opened

14th MFF opened with naked and barefoot volunteers and quoting the Law on Public Gathering

Lawyers Anto Nobilo and Čedo Prodanovićopened the 14th Motovun Film Festival, with quotes from the Law on Public Gathering, accompanied by naked and barefoot volunteers!

Festival's art director in honorable retirement Rajko Grlić and lawyers Anto Nobilo and Čedo Prodanović opened one of the special attractions of this year's festival – cinema Remetinec just before the official opening of the festival.

The opening ceremony started with Rade šerbedžija reading the poem 'Naked and barefoot', written for Motovun Film Festival by Predrag Lucić, accompanied by Petrojvic Blasting Company.

As the poem says: "I take myself off, I strip myself, / Look what I have when bare: / few squares of naked skin… / To strip it all by the end of your term. / So you can sell it if you haven’t already, / To display it as state flag… / Maybe you’ll need it, feel free to wear it, / May the naked and barefoot save you…", first the majority of the organizational and production were naked and barefoot, then the entire audience in the packed cinema Trg followed, posing for the traditional festival photo.

After that lawyers Anto Nobilo and Čedo Prodanović proclaimed the festival open by quoting Article 4. of the Law on Public Gathering and Alterations to the Law on Public Gathering.

The festival audience was welcomed by the Motovun mayor Slobodan Vugrinec, while the festival director Igor Mirković announced 5 unforgettable Motovun days and nights, as well as the film 'Blue Valentine' by Derek Cienfrance, the screening of which concluded the opening ceremony.

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