Book Your Seat in Festival Bus!

The tickets for the Zagreb - Motovun festival are now available.

Having provided excellent films, cheap tickets and tents for its fans, Motovun Film Festival is now providing transport to Film Hill for them. Just like last year, the festival bus will start its engine and set out for Motovun on 24 July at 8:00, so that you can make it to Day Zero. Aware that summer adventures will be awaiting some of you after the festival, we have put on sale two types of bus tickets: Zagreb – Motovun and Zagreb – Motovun – Zagreb. One-way ticket costs HRK 100 and return ticket HRK 160. The bus will be returning from Motovun to Zagreb on 30 June at 16:00. The exact places of departure for both buses will be announced in a few days. Tickets for the festival bus can be booked via system. The number of seats is limited.

If you haven't bought your theater tickets yet, waiting for MFF to announce the line-up of this year's main program – we thought about you, too! The cheap HRK 15 tickets are now available and you can buy 10-ticket-sets for 10 films of your choice for HRK 150. The tickets will be on sale until 15 July, so you better hurry up!

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