MOTOVUN SHORTS 5: Career Opportunities

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Jobs for All!
dir. Maximilien Van Aertryck, Axel Danielson, SE, 2021, 13’20”
A highly choreographed review of the Industrial Age – an intense and playful roller coaster ride that demands the viewer confronts how work “works”. Audience Prize in Clermont-Ferrand.

On Solid Ground
dir. Jela Hasler, CH, 2021, 12’15″
As Eli tries to escape the narrowness and summertime agitation of the city, she keeps on facing aggression. Her rage starts to build up.

The Devil
dir. Jan Bujnowski, PL, 2022, 18’57”
According to polls made throughout the 1990s, approximately 95% of Poles identified themselves as believers. At the same time, unemployment rates reached record values.

Ice Merchants
dir. João Gonzalez, PT, FR, UK, 2022, 14′
Every day, a father and his son parachute from their vertiginous cliffside cold house to go to the village, where they sell the ice they produce.

More than Living
dir. Aleksandra Lazarovski, FR, 2022, 14’25″
Boris must leave Serbia and his family. To provide for them, he is going to work illegally on construction sites in Europe, which offer better pay.



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