MOTOVUN SHORTS 3: Is This the Real Life, or Is It Fantasy?

30srp18:3019:25MOTOVUN SHORTS 3: Is This the Real Life, or Is It Fantasy?18:30 - 19:25 MAK

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dir. Nava Rezvani, IR, 2021, 14’56”
In Mask, a young girl unwillingly goes through a cosmetic surgery to please her boyfriend. However, his reaction leads her through a process of self-discovery.

While We Were Here
dir. Sunčica Fradelić, HR, 2022, 15’09”
Cinematic meditation on inevitable changes. Briefly depicted fragments from the characters’ lives, through summer and winter, as each of them suffers a loss.

Flores del Precipicio
dir. Andrea Gatopoulos, GR, 2022, 9’57”
Lucia is returning to the island where all the houses are white. Fifteen years have passed since the day she was taken away. Her father is waiting for her. The film was produced by Werner Herzog.

Mr. Pete & the Iron Horse
dir. Kilian Vilim, CH, 2021, 7’35”
The diligent soldier Mr. Pete does everything to meet the high standards of his baroness, who has an insatiable lust for speed.

dir. Jan-David Bolt, CH, 2021, 6’24”
Oscar is late. In the surrounding skyscrapers, hands are shaken and contracts are signed. That is the last thing he needs right now. Where do these damned snails come from?



30. srpanj 2022. 18:30 - 19:25



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