Two more opportunities to meet Mordecai, the long-eared owl, and Dixie, the hawk!


Did you know that owls can see during the day? In fact, their eyes don’t react to light at all, and they can spot their mouse prey from up to 8 kilometers away! These contradictory birds also challenge gender stereotypes, as the females are larger and stronger than the males. No wonder they are symbols of wisdom; their cunning hunting skills rival that of humans. If you happen to see one showing interest in your small dog, it’s best to keep your distance. Trying to pet them with your hand might end up with injured fingers, but if you place your face next to them, not a single hair will be harmed.

On Tuesday, Emilio Menđušić from the Dubrava Falconry Center taught us these and many other fascinating facts about these feathered predators. Those present had the chance to meet and take photos with Mordecai, the long-eared owl, and Dixie, the Harris hawk. The interest in this educational tour was so high that we have organized two more events for you to come face to beak with these magnificent birds of prey. Don’t miss this opportunity and join us today or on Thursday, 28 July, at 6:30 PM at the Snow-sledding slope of the Petehovac mountain hut!

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