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Brace for the freaky Friday!

Due to the great demand, Nika Radić will repeat her Hipnosis performance, while Stefan Radunović will explain how he shot his film for only 18.000 euro!

So many things are scheduled to happen today, we had to make a selection of the most interesting events for you…

Electric Dreams, a documentary film about Miha Kralj, a forgotten king of the Yugoslav electronic-music scene, screens in Even Smaller Cinema at 15:00. The film’s author, a long-time journalist of TV Slovenia and a great friend of Motovun, Gregor Bauman, will attend the screening.

Aleksa Stefan Radunović, a young Montenegrin film director, will explain to the Campus Motovun students how he managed to shoot his filmLazy Guyfor only EUR 18,000.Taking place in the Hotel Gallery at 16:30, the session is also open to general audience.

The hypnosis performance of Nika Radić attracted numerous visitors of theWalls and Bridges exhibition yesterday. Nika showed them how to bcome deeply concetrated. In her works, this artist explores how diferent people experience works of art in their own individual ways. She even managed to hypnotize some brave volunteers and made them think about the images of their desires. Nika will repeat her Hipnos performance in Pet Kula Gallery today at 18:00, giving you an oppotunity to see the film you always wanted to see.

The monograph Walking on the Edgewith Ivica will be presented in the relaxed atmosphere of The Garden at 18:30. Its author, Gordana Gadžić, will talk about this book dedicated to her late husband, the acting legend Ivica Vidović.

Despite the prevailing digitalization, the analogous photography has maintained its luster. The students of Campus Motovun are making photographs the “old way” and are preparing an exhibition of their works. You can see the results of their efforts as of 19:00 today, when their photographs will be exhibited in the town’s arcades.

The artist Irma Markulin will share her story in Pet kula Gallery at 19:30. Accompanied by curator Morana Matković, she will also take part in the guided tour of the Walls and Bridges exhibition.

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