Day zero

Check out the final festival preparations

The official start of the festival is 9 pm tonight, but the streets of Motovun have been buzzing since yesterday, due to final preparations and arrival of the fisrt guests.

Our hard-working volunteers ahnd organizers have done their best to make sure everything is right, and the traditional MFF atmosphere can be felt even before the first screenings. Take a look at the gallery.

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Music Program

24/7 – 28/7 | AFTER THE LAST SCREENING | TRG KREŠE GOLIKA In cooperation with the Rock&Off Awards, the festival starts and ends with concerts

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Read This!

25/7 – 28/7 | 14:30 | CINECHILL Read this! is a new program showcasing writers who have marked the year with their books or awards,

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Selectors Recommend

24/7 | WED | 14:30 | CINECHILL If you still don’t know what to do, which films to see or where the best entertainment is,

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25/7 – 28/7 | 10:00 | SANJKALIŠTE The festival day should not start without morning yoga, while this year it is led by Dragana Yogini,

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Educational Walks

A WALK WITH BEASTS OF PREY 26/7 | PET/FRI | 12:30 | SANJKALIŠTE Magda Sindičić, Tomislav Gomerčić and Ira Topličanec from the Veterinary Faculty of

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