About Motovun

Probably the most beautiful medieval town in Istria.

Town situated in a fort 270 m above sea level, on the hill dominating the wonderful Mirna river valley. It is probably the most beautiful medieval town in Istria. In its vicinity there is an ancient Motovun forest rich with truffles, mushrooms of sublime taste, and on the slopes grapes for famous Istrian wines are grown.

In the past, even though rulers and countries often changed, it had always been an administrative center. With its rich history, Motovun is full of sagas and myths: the most well-known says that Motovun lies on energy sources, on the crossing of “dragon’s firrows”. Because of these boons everybody is always in good spirits here. Also, inspired by the legends of Istrian giants who lived in Mirna valley, Vladimir Nazor wrote his famous work about a good-natured giant peasant Veli Joze who lived in Motovun forest.

Legends, smells, tastes and the past – all of it came together into a distinct atmosphere that also rubbed off on Motovun Film Festival.

Among thousands of festivals in the world, that open and close every day, that come to life and die, it is not easy to achieve uniqueness: thanks to its venue, Motovun Film Festival is, if nothing else, the festival with the most beautiful view in the world.